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Maximizing Performance with Reddit's Ad Measurement Options

Maximizing Performance with Reddit’s Ad Measurement Options

What are the Reddit’s Add Measurement Options?

As we head into the holiday push, Reddit adds new ad measurement options to help brands maximize their on-platform promotions with Brand and Conversion lift metrics.

The brand lift measures the impact of Reddit Ads on brand perception via randomized surveys of Reddit users, which aim to measure ad exposure and response.

What is the job of the In-house marketing science team of Reddit?

Reddit is leading an in-house marketing science team. They study and analyze campaign specifics, like the ad format, creative, audience targeting, ad placement, engagement prompts, and audience calls to action.

What more does the in-house marketing science team of Reddit analyze?

They also analyze specific campaign objectives such as awareness, favorability, recall, and consideration. The team analyzed it to understand positive shifts in overall brand perception due to seeing the campaign on Reddit.

Brand lift measurement is available on several other platforms. Hence, most marketers will be familiar with the process, but essentially, it seeks to validate ad performance through audience feedback.

It can be great for both understanding and refining your outreach approach and conversion lift. Meanwhile, Reddit also uses Pixel data to analyze actions taken due to ad exposure.

What more does the study conducted by Reddit’s in-house marketing science team aim for?

The study led by Reddit’s in-house Marketing Science team also aims to empower Reddit advertisers to validate their investments and optimize their performance.

It also helps a lot in getting information about their attribution models. They will ultimately drive maximum impact and return on ad spend.

What is conversion lift measurement?

Conversion lift measurement can consider direct data integration from brand partners to validate performance. It provides more insight into how your ad campaigns are driving sales activity.

These new measurement options can also be integrated into third-party measurement solutions, for example, DoubleVerify. It provides even more validation for your metrics.

What more the new options of Reddit will facilitate?

The new options will facilitate increased capacity to measure overall Reddit ads response and understand how your promotions drive real action.

With several businesses still in the experimental phase with Reddit promotions, these new options could be excellent options to qualify further your ad spend decisions.

With more people turning to Reddit to research products or adding “Reddit” to the end of their Google searches to get real user insight, Reddit ads may be a valuable consideration from now on.

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