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Mastering the Art of Outstanding Reels Content with Meta

Mastering the Art of Outstanding Reels Content with Meta

Are you looking to incorporate Reels into your Facebook and Instagram approach?

It will help from now onwards; Meta has published a new, 7-page ‘Reels Creative Mini-Manual.’ It outlines tips on improving your Reel creativity and taps into key usage trends and behaviors.

You can download the full guide for yourself, but we will look at some keynotes in this post.

The guide’s main focus is helping creators speak the ‘language of Reels,’ which Meta describes as a style that is entertaining, digestible, and relatable all at once.

This guide will provide you with a more in-depth analysis of this approach. It includes breakdowns of the key technical considerations.

There are also specific notes on increasing your Reels engagement by incorporating music and visual effects.

Finally, Meta has also included specific breakdowns for each of the ‘languages of Reels’ elements to assist in your strategic planning.

Reels have rapidly become an essential consideration for both Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

In April, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg noted that Reels was responsible for a 24% increase in time spent on Instagram and similar on Facebook.

Hence, it is clear that people come to both apps increasingly for entertainment, with the short-form video trend distributive into virtually every app.

It is a critical trend of note. Social apps are becoming less about social interaction and more about content discovery, with people sharing what they find with friends via messaging apps instead.

As a result, Reels are getting more and more attention, and they should, at least, be on the radar of all marketers as a potential avenue for promotion to increase and exploit brand awareness and response.

And in this respect, this guide could be very useful indeed.

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