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LinkedIn Updates-The Benefits of Collaborative Articles

LinkedIn Updates-The Benefits of Collaborative Articles

What kind of updates has LinkedIn announced for its Collaborative Articles Feature?

LinkedIn has announced some new updates for its Collaborative Articles feature. It uses AI-generated prompts as a starting point and calls on specific LinkedIn users to share their expertise on the chosen topic.

When Collaborative Articles Feature was launched?

First launched in March, LinkedIn says it has now facilitated over a million expert contributions via the format.

This new feature is making the platform the fastest-growing traffic driver, as more professionals are coming to share their thoughts in the app.

What kind of incentive does a user get due to their contributions to the collaborative article feature?

Of course, there is also the added incentive of getting a Community Top Voice badge in a critical skill area due to your Collaborative Article contributions.

It can help to make your profile stand out in-stream, and it is working to drive more users to add their thoughts to LinkedIn’s AI-generated prompt posts.

Hence, it drives extra engagement, and it is no surprise to see LinkedIn further emphasize the option.

What more is LinkedIn updating to provide more focus to this option?

First, LinkedIn is updating the layout of Collaborative Articles to focus more on user contributions.

LinkedIn will better showcase contributors at the top of the post, while it has also updated the display format in-stream.

What more the new display on AI Prompt will showcase on LinkedIn?  

The new display reduces the emphasis on the AI prompt to showcase contributors better. Getting more members to add their thoughts and opinions could be another lure.

LinkedIn has also incorporated its complete reaction set in-stream so that you can respond to a Collaborative post with the regular and in-feed emoji characters.

It has also updated the UI to make it easier for readers to skip through the various contributions.

What more improvements LinkedIn has made?

LinkedIn has also improved its Collaborative Article notifications to help connect users to the most relevant posts that can benefit from their expertise.

LinkedIn says it has also improved the quality of its article AI prompts. It will provide more in-depth and engaging results, while users can now pick the skills they want to contribute to by filling in the “Top Skills” section of their profile.

LinkedIn has also improved its systematic understanding of what each user is interested in contributing to based on their activity in-app.

It has also added a new display of articles you can contribute to, making it easier to earn that “Top Voice” badge.

LinkedIn is the real driver here, and over time, more users have been getting that “Top Voice” indicator added to their profile in the app.

It has made more people want the same, to show off their own expertise and professional standing.

And it does look impressive, so logically, more LinkedIn users now want in, which has made this a clever activation, using AI prompts to drive more in-app engagement.

Now, everyone on LinkedIn wants a verification badge to enhance their standing on Twitter until they start selling them, as it adds a level of authority, elevating you above the crowd.

Is it the same on LinkedIn?

It is the same on LinkedIn, and if you want a “Top Voice” badge, you must contribute to Collaborative Articles consistently and get to it.

It is a brilliant addition, and these new updates will likely get even more people adding their thoughts to the app.

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