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LinkedIn Adds New Ways to Enhance Job Seekers' Skills

LinkedIn Adds New Ways to Enhance Job Seekers’ Skills

What are the new ways that LinkedIn is adding to enhance the skills of job seekers?

LinkedIn is looking to help job seekers better highlight their professional skills. It can do so by incorporating more ways to highlight skills and competencies into various app elements.

First off, LinkedIn has also added a new element to the “About” section on member profiles. It will now enable you to tag up to five top skills.

How can a job-seeker highlight all his top skills?

Now, at the footer of your About section, you can highlight your top skills to make it easier for visitors to get a quick idea of your competencies.

It could be an excellent way to answer questions about your suitability for a role with members. The app can also update their skills with any jobs they have applied for.

Explain everything about the “Projects” section?

LinkedIn has also added the capacity to include media-rich content in the “Projects” section. Now as a Job-seeker, you can also tag projects with skills. It is another new way to showcase your experience.

LinkedIn states that suppose you are a photographer, you might link to a website featuring your online portfolio and tag hard skills such as Adobe Photoshop and soft skills like Communication or Collaboration.

It will enable you to pinpoint your specific skill set and knowledge better. It will help you to boost your appeal with prospective employers too.

State everything about “Credentials” elements on LinkedIn

LinkedIn also updates its “Credentials” element by enabling members to tag a skill against a particular credential.

Meanwhile, it updates its skills display within its recruiter platform to highlight projects people have worked on using those skills.

For example, when you tag your skills on your resume, you feature in the Projects section, and recruiters can see those projects as they view your skills.

What more these new updates can do for the job-seekers?

The updates could help job seekers better showcase their capabilities and how they match specific roles while providing more contextual markers on LinkedIn, helping to maximize utility.

They could help catch busy recruiters’ attention as they cut down their applicant lists. When reviewing hundreds of applicants, reading their full “About” section for each could be tiring.

Hence, adding relevant skills could be an excellent way to ensure you stand out based on your role’s requirements.

You can also go after some handy updates that are already with LinkedIn. It could become more important for job seekers over time.

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