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Instagram Tests Audio Clips for Notes

Instagram Tests Audio Clips for Notes

Why is Instagram testing Audio Clips for Notes?

 Instagram has been testing it for a while. But it has now been officially announced that a new audio clip option is coming to Notes in the app.

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri in his Instagram channel, has said that the new audio option for Notes will provide another way to engage via the group prompt option.

 What is the use of Audio Clips for Notes?

 It will be displayed as a Stories-like bubble at the top of the IG inbox for all your contacts to see.

Mosseri has also said that they have yet to start testing anything publicly. But, he has indicated that they are working on the ability to create audio notes to share with your friends.

 Where can the audio clips for notes on Instagram get popular?

 Audio notes could be particularly popular in regions where several languages are spoken. It is often more common for people to be able to understand various types of spoken language than it is actually to write them.

It could make it a big update for users in India and other areas of significant cultural diversity.

Instagram launched Notes last December to tap into the rising use of DMs as a social option, with the main feed increasingly transforming into a content discovery stream.

TikTok has led the way on this by taking the importance off of who you know and highlighting the best content across the app.

Meta has since moved to connect Facebook and IG along the same lines. It has seen more and more users sharing personal updates in Stories and DMs instead.

As such, Notes serves a more direct engagement purpose: broadcasting chat prompts for all to see.

And it is catching on, especially with younger audiences, with Instagram reporting back in June that over 100 million teens had shared a Note in the preceding three months.

Meta also says teen users create Notes at 10 times the rate of non-teens.

 What more has Instagram added in the audio clips for notes?

Instagram has recently added the option to include a song in your Note with audio clips. It is set to become the next feature to enhance the experience of both youngsters and adults.

It is interesting to see how such tools are adapted to the latest behavioral shifts. Users would not have predicted that Notes would become a significant element.

But then again, it does align with usage trends. It also provides a quick and easy way to let all your close contacts know what you are up to at any given time.

Snapchat is the app that teens have generally turned to for this purpose? But Notes is now also filling that role. This new addition of notes could give a very big win to IG.

Audio clips might also seem like a small addition. But it provides another way for users to engage; again, different communities will have different ways of using this feature. 

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