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Instagram Tests AI Chatbot Experience in DMs

Instagram Tests AI Chatbot Experience in DMs

Meta always liked a tech trend, and generative AI is not an exception, with the company currently developing various new generative AI tools for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

They are designed to capitalize on emerging usage trends and ensure Meta knows major shifts.

And while we have already seen several examples of generative AI tools that help create Facebook ads, visual prompt tools for Instagram stickers, and multi-modal AI advancements.

Instagram is also developing a new AI chat option similar to Snapchat’s My AI tool.

Instagram is developing a new AI chat option that will enable you to ask questions about an AI system within any chat thread.

You can ask questions about the AI tool in-stream, and it can also give you advice on how to write more effective messages.

By typing @ai into the chat field, you would be diverted to its AI chatbot. Instagram would be available to answer your questions at any time.

So, much like My AI, the bot will incorporate AI responses into a discussion, adding another element to your Instagram DMs.

That could touch on two key usage developments:-

For one, more conversation on IG or Instagram has been switching to DMs, with users posting fewer Stories and feed posts than they used to post in the past.

As such, Instagram is looking for new ways to expand its messaging options, which could help feed into that trend, merging with usage behaviours.

The other development is, of course, generative AI and building these tools into social apps. We still need to see a game-changing way to incorporate generative AI tools into social apps, with most simply adding text-to-vision prompts or chatbots into the UI.

Both are interesting use cases, but they are not amazing, with this new Instagram messaging function likely falling into the same category.

It is interesting to have on hand and try out with some wacky questions. But not a hugely useful addition. But it will bring generative AI into Instagram, which is what Meta wants, at least at a starting point.

Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg noted AI via his new Instagram channel recently and stated that Instagram would focus on building creative and expressive tools.

He also said that over the long term, he would focus on developing AI personas that can help people in various ways.  The young CEO has also said that they are exploring experiences with text, such as a cat in Whatsapp and Messenger.

They also explore images like creative Instagram filters, ad formats, and video and multi-modal experiences.

The personas element would also be built into this Instagram chat option, though again, you cannot see that as a major lure for users or a big engagement factor for AI bots.

Like, it is still an AI bot. Whether I ask it to respond to me in Hulk Hogan’s or Shakespeare’s voice, it is still just a bot pumping out the same answers.

Would it be a big functional update? As a starting point, it is where we are seeing generative AI merge into common functionality. It is a means to acclimatize people to it before merging it into new areas.

Those new areas could be far more revolutionary like, for example, generative AI can build VR worlds. Functions like that are the next level, but each platform has to start somewhere in developing its AI response tools.

Hence, you have to click here to know more updates on social media platforms or AI-related social media platforms.

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