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Here’s What the B2B PPC Experts Have To Say On Google Search Announcements

On 28th September,  the third annual Search On event was hosted by Google. The event revealed some of the major Search updates encircling key areas listed below:

Post-event, a roundtable discussion was hosted by Ginny Marvin, Google’s Ad Liason, that had a panel of B2B PPC experts. They were to share their opinion on how the announcements would affect the B2B industry. The panels of experts involved: Greg Finn, Andrea Cruz Lopez, Melissa Mackey, Brad Geddes, Michelle Morgan, Steph Bin, Michael Henderson, and Brooke Osmundson.  

Image Issues

Certain updates in the Search involve huge image assets, corporate texts for conversational browsing, and browsable search engine results. 

Brad Geddes raised a concern that the desktop was not discussed even once in the announcement. This statement was further backed up by many others. The concern was their B2B clients opt for desktop search results and traffic. Given the fact the images will flash mostly on mobile phones, it leaves very little scope for the B2B clients to benefit from the announcement. 

Yet another point posed a different context to the images. Undoubtedly, the images will positively impact the user experience. But, the question is:

How would a B2B product or service provider convey its uniqueness through an image? 

Images would undoubtedly be of great help for verticals like automotive, apparel, and E-commerce businesses. But their role in the B2B industry doesn’t seem so advantageous.  

Potential Solutions

Ginny gathered the group’s opinions on the alterations or additions needed to the Search On event. Overall consensus revealed that both Google Marketing Live and Search On are heading towards a more consumer-focused establishment. 

Greg Fin responded by saying that he expected this Search On event. However, it seems very broad. Also, Google isn’t in touch with advertisers anymore. 

The group suggested a couple of potential solutions to bridge the gap between the actual announcement and enabling advertisers to take appropriate action.

Melissa Mackey and Michelle Morgan revealed that merely screenshots of the B2B SaaS example would be of instant help for them. The key is delivering tangible action items on bringing information to the clients.  


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