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Google's New Prompts to Drive More Take-Up of Your Content

Google’s New Prompts to Drive More Take-Up of Your Content

How will Google’s New Prompts drive more take-up of your content?

As part of the broader shift towards enhanced web security, Google says it will begin prompting more users to add passkey access to their accounts as it moves away from traditional password usage.

When did Google launch support for passkey access?

Google initially launched support for passkey access in May, and now, it is looking to make it a more extensive consideration for more users.

 What did Google say about Passkeys?

Google says that earlier this year, they rolled out passkeys’ support. It is the more straightforward and secure way to sign into your accounts online.

Google also says they have received positive feedback from all their users. So, today, on 10th October 2023, they are making passkeys even more accessible by offering them as the default option across personal Google Accounts.

What are Passkeys, and why have they become a more significant focus?

Passkeys have become a more significant focus lately, with the more advanced security measures. It is facilitated via on-device Face and Touch ID primarily.

It provides a safer and faster log-on process that is less susceptible to hacking.

Several social platforms are now also moving to support passkey access. It includes LinkedIn, X, and TikTok, which have all announced their next steps on passkey protection in recent months.

Why is Google still not phasing out the traditional password format?

Google has yet to move to phase out traditional passwords.

Adopting passkeys will likely take some time so Google will support both options. At the same time, users who do activate passkeys can also opt to use their traditional password as it moves to maximize passkey take-up.

It is a logical move towards a safer, more streamlined access option with advanced connectivity tools. It is now providing more ways to keep people’s accounts safe.

Can users enable Passkey?  

If you can, you should be looking to enable passkey access wherever possible. It will eventually become the norm and then a requirement for most apps.

Where can you read more about Google’s move towards passkey access?  

You can read more about Google’s move towards passkey access here.

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