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Google’s Advocate John Mueller Debunk Myths

Google’s Advocate John Mueller Debunk Myths

Recently Google Search Central released a blog where John Muller tackled myths and put the rumors to rest. 

Learn how to maximize your page rank.  

Redirect Types Don’t Impact Page Rank 

Jhon Muller starts addressing a few common myths such as 301 or 302 redirect helps you maximize the page rank. He mentioned you can use redirects based on your needs whether it’s temporary or permanent.  

He also mentioned other types of (such as 307 and 308) redirects also valid to use. Otherwise, you can check the HTTP status code or check out Search Central for more detailed information. 

Technical SEO is Still Important

Google’s Advocate John Mueller Debunk Myths

A few people claimed technical SEO became less significant. But John Muller opposes this myth and mentions technical SEO is the foundation of everything built on the open web.  


This blog helps to stop spreading the myths and misunderstandings regarding HTTP status codes, 301, 302, 307, and 308 redirects so SEO professionals can make decisions based on facts rather than assumption. 


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