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Google Update Search Console Video indexing Update

Google released another search console video indexing update. Now content creators and publishers can see daily reach and impression analytic stats on their published videos. They also added a sitemap filter feature so content creators and publishers can filter video pages. 

Video Impression Performance Update

Now Google makes it easier for creators and publishers to understand the performance chart of their published videos. Now they can check the Index report to find more depth information. Google updates the index report or video reach and impressions on a daily basis.  

According to Google, the impression is calculated by page appearance. Let me explain in detail, in a single search result if the page appears multiple times then google counts it as a single impression. That’s why search performance reports show low impression counts compare to the index page. 

Sitemap Filter Feature 

Google Update Search Console Video indexing

Google added a new Sitemap filter feature so creators and publishers can use it to filter video pages. This filter is developed so they can only focus on video pages.       

Final Thought 

Google updates are ongoing processes of google to help website owners and publishers to understand and improve themselves to rank their video page on the SERP.    


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