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Google Unveils New Search Upgrades at I/O Developer Conference

Google Unveils New Search Upgrades at I/O Developer Conference

Recently on May 10, google held the I/O Developers Conference. They unveiled two new search upgrades “perspective features” and “generative AI” to enhance the search result. 

These upgrades will enhance and reshape the search engine result and provide in-depth information to improve the user experience. 

Generative AI

As google introduced a new feature called generative AI that can help users to understand any topic easier and faster. 

It is designed to simplify search queries and provides all the key points and links to in-depth insights. 

Generative AI can provide detailed insights. For example, a user looking for the best national parks for a family with 3 years of children and a dog. Then the AI will provide in-depth information and links for further exploration. 

Generative AI

It also enhances the user shopping experience. When a user searches for a product in the search result snapshot appear and they can find relevant product details, up-to-date reviews, ratings, and product images. 

Its shopping experience builds based on the Google graph and 35 billion of the products are listed in the graph. 

Google also claimed that every hour product listing is refreshed and provides fresh results. 

“Perspective” Feature; Diversify Search Result 

Google introduced another feature at the I/O developer conference. This new filter will highlight user-generated content such as can short and long-format videos, images, and written posts. 

Google also mentioned the sources such as discussion boards, Q&A sites,  and social media platforms. 

It provides a human touch what I mean is it helps the user to understand a topic through user experience and expert opinion. That’s how it provides more insights to users.  

Let’s assume that a user move to another city and doesn’t know anyone so the user searching for how to make friends in a new city. 

In the Perspective filter, the user can find advice from other users or content creators such as personal stories and tips videos, or comments in forum threads relevant to your queries. 


“Perspective” Feature; Diversify Search Result 


Google Helpful Content Ranking System 

Google introduced these updates to improve the quality of information and users can understand the content from an expert or a personal point of view. 


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