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Google Rolls Out November 2023 Core Algorithm Update

Google Rolls Out November 2023 Core Algorithm Update

Google released 2023, November core update on November 2, and within a few weeks, it will be fully implemented.

Every year Google introduces new algorithm updates to provide more relevance and quality to the web pages that are shown in search results.   

Google released a statement regarding the update, they are using multiple systems for the ranking process. In this new update, they focus on a different system than the previous month’s update. 

October Core Algorithm Update 

The previous month in October google released a core algorithm update. Generally, Google introduces core updates twice or thrice a year. It’s rare for Google to release two updates in a short time. 

They also mentioned in this new update website owners don’t need to make significant changes. If creators provide valuable content for the users then they don’t need to make any changes. 

Google recommended that if a website owner is affected by this update then review the core algorithm update and create high-quality content that provides value to users. 

What’s New About the November Core Update 

November’s core update is focused on Google’s review system. In the past, if websites got affected by Google’s review system update then they had to wait until the next update. Until then their ranking was downgraded and their web page traffic was devastated.  

If the website owner fixes the issue still, they face the same issue but with the new update, they won’t suffer from the same issue. After this update review system will updated on a regular basis which means if websites get affected by this update they will recover quickly and won’t have to wait until the next review system update.  

It might be a good thing for all sizes of businesses who are affected by previous updates. 

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