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Google Roll Out 2023 Spam Update

Google Roll Out 2023 Spam Update

Google announced a new spam update for worldwide users to reduce spam. 

This new update will target clocking, hacking, hacking, auto-generated, and scrapped spam content in many different languages such as Turkish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Hindi, Chinese, and others. 

Through this new update, Google believes in providing more value to its users.   

2023 Spam Updates

Currently, Google relies on an automated spam-fighting system and user reviews that can report sites and pages that violate Google policies. This system is called SpamBrain which is an AI bot that tries to spot spam. 

According to Google, they are frequently releasing new spam updates because they want to stay ahead of the spam trend and provide high-quality results to their users.      

They also mentioned that if your website is also affected by this then review Google policies to ensure you are not violating any rules. 

What Google Consider As a Spam 

In the spam policy documentation, Google mentioned a few key points that is considered spammy and misleading for users.    


It might take a week or more to roll out the 2023 spam update so Google encourages its users to report spam sites. 

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