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Google Remove Inactive Accounts

Google Remove Inactive Accounts

Google introduced a new policy for Google personal accounts. In the new policy, google removes inactive accounts. 

How this new policy affects businesses? Read this blog to find out all the insights. 

The New Policy 

Google announced the new policy they are going to delete personal Gmail accounts which are inactive for the past two years. 

Google mentioned that these accounts don’t have 2-factor verification, also used for identity theft, unwanted vector, and malicious content. 

As per Google’s inactivity policy if a personal account isn’t used or signed for the past two years then the account will get deleted. It includes your Gmail, Docs, Drives, Meet, Calendar, YouTube, and Google Photos data. 

This policy is only applicable to personal accounts. Business and organization accounts will not be affected by this policy.   

In 2023 December google will start deleting personal accounts. 

They will start deleting accounts that were created but never used within a few years timespan. 

Before deleting any accounts they will send multiple notifications to the user’s mail as well as a recovery email address. 

Here’s a Few Tips to Keep Active Your Account 

The best way to keep activating your personal account is to sign in to your account every two years and Google considers this activity as an active account. Follow these steps. 


Google removing inactive account policy can be helpful to prevent security threats like identity theft and other issues.        

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