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Google Introduced a New Policy to Prevent Misleading Ads

Google Introduced a New Policy to Prevent Misleading Ads

Recently Google introduced a limited ads serving policy to improve ad transparency and protect users from misleading ads.

This policy is for unfamiliar advertisers because they have a higher chance of scamming users and misleading them through ads. 

Now Google will be visible to a limited number of users.   

What’s the New Policy All About? 

According to Google, this policy applies to those advertiser who runs ad campaigns and target specific brands but it’s unclear advertiser has an authorised relationship with the particular brand.  

While running ad campaigns advertisers might see a limited number of impressions on their campaigns. 

What exactly Google says, 

Users should have a clear understanding of what they are dealing with whenever they come across ad campaigns. 

Build Trust Among Users 

Google Introduced a New Policy to Prevent Misleading Ads

After this new policy, Google believes users have a better user experience and came across ads that came from an authorized advertiser who has a good track record of following guidelines and being transparent with its target audience.

For example; if a user searches for the cheapest flights then users see authorized ad campaigns from airline companies otherwise, it shows advertisers that never violate any rules.

Now advertisers need a clear record if they don’t want their ad get restricted. 

Google knows advertisers might get affected so they are providing guidance to qualified status. 

Now Google also offers tips and tricks such as if you are not a popular brand then you can add your domain in the title and many more tips. 

Google says, 

We want to allow our users to interact with relevant and useful ads. We are sure after this policy users won’t get confused or misled by an advertiser.  

What is the Evaluation Criteria? 

When Google does a background check it looks for various things such as verifying past records whether advertisers are following the advertising guidelines or not and what users commented on the ads Google ad. 

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