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Google Enhances Image Creation with Generative AI

Google Enhances Image Creation with Generative AI

How is Google enhancing image creation with generative AI?  

Google is leaning further into generative AI, with a new element in Search that will enable you to create visuals from text prompts. Now, you can expand your discovery process beyond what you find in existing search results.

As part of its new Search Generative Experience (SGE), Google will enable you to enter image creation prompts directly into Search. It will then see the results provided in-stream.

How is Google going to explain it?

Google says that if you are searching for something like drawing a picture of a capybara wearing a chef’s hat and cooking breakfast, SGE will provide you with up to four generated images in the results.

You can tap on any of those images and see how generative AI has expanded your initial query with descriptive details.

It is like a photorealistic image of a capybara wearing a chef’s hat and cooking breakfast in a forest with grilling bacon. From there, you can edit the description further to add more detail and bring your vision to life.

What users will be able to create through SGE?

Through SGE, users will be able to create AI-generated images directly in Google Images as well. It further expands your discovery options in the app.

What is Google adding within Search?

Finally, Google is also adding a new writing assistant element within Search. It will enable you to create queries and notes based on your Search activity.

For example, you may be looking into home improvement projects, like how to convert your garage into a home office.

After finding helpful ideas across the web and contractors you would like to get in touch with, you can ask SGE to write a note to a contractor asking for a quote to turn your garage into a home office.

From there, exporting your draft to Google Docs or Gmail when you are ready to add that personal touch is easy.

What the digital assistant within the Google Search can do?  

So, it is a digital assistant within Google Search. It helps keep you on track while reducing the manual effort of compiling relevant queries and other reports based on what you find.

These are some handy updates. It will help to advance Google’s generative AI capacity. It also wants to iterate quickly to keep up with Microsoft’s Bing.

The various AI updates that it is integrated resulted from Microsoft’s investment into OpenAI.

Google has been looking to take a more cautious and patience-oriented approach to its AI development, but the launch of ChatGPT and the subsequent consumer interest have forced its hand somewhat.

It has seen Google quickly building more AI features to complement its existing tools because there is no way that the Big G will give up any of its core search traffic without a fight.

Indeed, the Bing mobile app saw a 10x increase in downloads earlier this year after adding various AI elements, and much of the discussion then quickly shifted to how conversational AI will radically change online search and discovery habits.

It could pose a more significant challenge to Google’s Search dominance.

Why is Google so confident about its tool?

Google is confident that it has the tools to compete on this front. It has been working on similar AI tools for several years. But now, it needs to bring them into action, which it wants to do via its evolving SGE project.

It could be a significant shift. If you want to try these new features out, Google says that you can sign up for these experiments through “Search Labs” in the Google app on Android, iOS, and Chrome desktop.

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