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Google New Data Structured Guideline Update 

Google updated the data structure guidelines so it will be easier for google to crawl through the content pages. This update helps google to understand the context of a web page and provide us the better search result. 

Structure data means a website owner provides information about the web pages so it will be easier for the crawler to understand the context of a web page.  

Why You Should Add Structure Data 

Google Search central added another section where they mention that if you add a data structure to your web pages then there are chances that google will crawl through your web pages and increase your traffic up to 35%.  

Data Structure 

Google supports 3 types of data structure 

  • Microdata 
  • RDFa 

Google recommended using JSON-LD because it is easier to express the data. The other two formats (Microdata and RDFa) are also fine to use on your web page. 

Google make some changes in the title section where the structure data format became to structure data vocabulary and format.  

If you are confused about what I’m talking about here in this blog then click here for a better understanding of the structured data.   



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