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Google Announces New Structure Data For Educational Videos

Google Announces New Structure Data For Educational Videos

Google announced new structured data for educational videos to enhance user experience. Now publishers can add to specify the educational concept and educational level. 

This new structure data helps to understand Google for a better understanding of educational videos and serves users accurate and relevant results. 

These types of educational overview or solution videos Google displayed on the feature snippet. Now this feature is available only for English language for smartphones as well as desktop users.   

Structured Data Implementation 

How to Implement Structured Data in the Webpage 

Structured data is the standard method to let Google know what is the context of your video content. 

For those websites that have a content management system, they can integrate a structured data plugin. Those using Javascript-based websites can add metadata through coding. 

Google Recommended to Follow These Steps 

  • Add based on the video format. 
  • To validate the markup use Google’s structured data testing tool. 
  • Use new structured data in your web pages. 
  • Make sure to add a side map to the website to let Google know the changes in your webpage.  

Technical Requirement for New Structured Data  

Google Announces New Structure Data For Educational Videos

  • The minimum video duration must be 30 seconds. 
  • Video must be publicly available without any subscription. 
  • New structured data should be available on the page where users can watch the video. 

Benifits for Users and Publishers 

The new structure data make it easy for search engines to understand important details about the educational video such as which topics are covered in the video and the target grade levels. 

That helps search engines provide more accurate search results based on the user search intent. Metadata in the search results helps users choose the video without watching each video in the search results. 

After using this new schema structure data publishers may see an increase in traffic. Google introduced this new update to improve the search results for the educational system.  


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