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Get the Most Out of Twitter's New 'Highlights' Tab

Get the Most Out of Twitter’s New ‘Highlights’ Tab

After testing it out over the past month, Twitter has rolled out a new tweet highlights tab for Twitter Blue subscribers in the app. It enables paying users to showcase their best tweets via a new, dedicated feed on their Twitter profile.

As you can see in these example screens shared by DogeDesigner, Blue users can now add any of their tweets to their Highlights tab.

You can do it by selecting the ‘Add/Remove from Highlights’ option from the three dots menu at the top right of the tweet.

You can further note that you will also see this option if you are not subscribed to Twitter Blue, but selecting the ‘Add’ option will divert you to the sign-up process.

Once you add a tweet, it gets listed among other highlighted tweets in the news feed. It will only appear on your profile once you have added your first Highlight.

It could be an excellent way to present examples of your best content to win over potential subscribers. For instance, You have to showcase your knowledge or sense of humour.

The option was initially spotted in testing early last month, with some select users getting access in recent weeks.

All Twitter Blue subscribers can now add a feed of their best tweets. It could have some promotional and connective value, but how much benefit it will provide is hard to say.

Previous analysis has shown that most Twitter interactions happen in the feed, with few users tapping through to another user’s profile.

Adding this to your profile might not be a considerable benefit. But yet again, it could be another way to win over potential followers and highlight how clever and great your tweets are.

And for brands, it could also act as a product showcase by highlighting tweets that spotlight your products or might be customer endorsements via Quote tweets and reviews.

There is a range of options to consider, and if you are a subscriber, it is likely worth trying it out as an additional element in your promotions in the app.

It is unlikely to be a big engagement driver, but if the option is there, you might as well use it.

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