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Get the Most Out of Threads Engagement with These Tips

Get the Most Out of Threads Engagement with These Tips

Are you trying to work out your Threads strategy?

Okay, maybe you are not this week. The report states Threads’ engagement has significantly dropped from its initial launch highs.

But the early hype and interest in the app do bode well for its potential future success if Meta can add in key additional features.

These features are a follow-up feed of the accounts you have chosen to see and a desktop app.

Both of these features are coming, and Threads will see more engagement once they arrive.

Because if nothing else, the fact that 116 million users have signed up for the app shows a clear interest in a feasible Twitter alternative.

It is Musk and Co. that continue to switch things up, and it is not going to subside anytime soon.

It is coming very soon, and you may want to consider your Threads approach. On that front, Meta has been sending out advice to lots of talent management agencies.

It details how they should be advising their clients to approach the app. It could also relate to your strategy. Here is a look at Meta’s top Threads advice right now. It is based on insights gathered by the Business Insider team.

The insights of the Business Insider Team say to make a splashy arrival by announcing you have joined Meta’s app.

The first tip relates to ‘epic entrances’ through stand-out visuals and other elements. It is designed to make a statement with your initial Threads post.

Meta also recommends the creators post open-ended questions to spark initial interest and engagement, and it makes more people aware of your Thread’s presence.

You can ‘Start a conversation’ along the same line. Instagram is pushing users to spark discussion in the app. It will then get more people involved and boost your post reach.

Interestingly, the advisory of Meta also includes an explainer on how to create a poll in the app ‘by posting two images and using emojis as a way to vote.’

There is no native poll option in Threads like challenges and contests. Meta also suggests that creators should consider challenges and contests to boost interaction and gain more reach.

Overall, these are generic engagement tips, but if you want to boost awareness, there can be good ways to get more people looking your way.

‘Threads puns’ are okay. Maybe you want to do this. But probably you might not. But Meta has told influencers that Threads puns are doing well in the app and in the posts that reference the app.

Regarding safety tools, Meta finally advises influencers and creators to utilize its various safety tools and features to manage their Threads experience.

Again, these are generic advice notes for a new app and stand out in social feeds.

But, it could be worth considering how they relate to your approach and whether they could help you shape your Threads strategy.

Because you will need one, while Mastodon and other Twitter competitors have fallen short, none of those had the backing and experience of Meta.

And now, none of them have gained anywhere near the level of traction that Threads has already by piggybacking off of your IG graph.

And as more features come to the app, it will become a more feasible alternative, and based on initial interest, Meta will certainly do all it can to capitalize on that initial success.

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