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Get the Most Out of Meta's Evolving Ad Automation Tools

Get the Most Out of Meta’s Evolving Ad Automation Tools

Are you looking for ways to improve the performance of your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns this holiday season?

Meta is evolving AI targeting tools with a range of options that could hold the key. These options are designed to help improve campaign performance with less manual input.

Of course, it also means relying more on Meta’s systems to get you better results. Still, several performance marketers have reported that Meta’s Advantage+ campaigns are improving over time.

And if you are looking to get a better handle on the various automation tools on offer, Meta has published a new guide to its Advantage suite. It covers all of its AI-powered ad tools and how they work.

You can download the full guide with the link at the bottom, but we will look at all the keynotes in this post.

The guide first provides an overview of the performance that Advantage campaigns are now driving and the advantages of using Meta’s automated targeting tools.

There is also an overview of all the Advantage elements and where they fit into the campaign set-up process.

Finally, there are links to a range of Help Center articles that will help you get a better handle on each element.

It is only a short guide, but a heap of helpful notes and links are in there. It could help you find the right ad automation tools for your business.

You can download the entire guide of Meta’s Advantage overview here.

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