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Get the Most Bang for Your Buck with Meta Verified on Facebook

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck with Meta Verified on Facebook

If you are thinking about buying a blue checkmark on Facebook or Instagram via Meta’s new ‘Meta Verified’ program to inflate your relevance in both apps artificially, then Meta has got a deal for you.

Now, Meta offers a new package enabling you to save money when you sign up for Meta Verified on both platforms.

So you can have a blue tick across all your Meta posts for a low price. This price is as low as $42 per month and $504 per year.

But, still, it is not exactly that cheap. But the numbers in this example, posted by Jonah Manzano, are in Australian dollars so that the bundle may be cheaper again in the US.

So now, you can boost your in-app perception and trick people into thinking you are some celebrity for less than the initial $US11.99 per month for each element.

But it is still quite expensive. Unfortunately, It is the price for even fake celebrities, and you have to subscribe to Meta Verified for each app individually.

You could get verified in one and then have a blue tick on both. But Meta has made it so you have to sign-up for each individually.

Some might think that Meta is doing it to squeeze more money out of those who want to seem important and use their checkmarks to increase their status in the app.

Some people don’t think that it is the best way to go. Selling verification ticks is a surefire path to eroding the value of the privilege.

The tick mark will gradually lose all relevance because, from now on, anybody can buy that little symbol. Meta is also going the Twitter way.

It still holds more value on IG and Facebook because Meta has not gone the next step, like Twitter, in removing legacy checkmarks.

It means that the only ones left in the app are paid. It also means that Meta Verified customers can still cosplay among high-profile users.

Meanwhile, the Meta Verified program also offers dedicated and in-person customer support. It is a significant benefit for some subscribers.

But even so, it still does not seem worth the expense. People are more sceptical of what the checkmark means now. Once the cynicism starts growing, users will rely on it far less as an indicator of anything.

But some will still see it as a flex, some people will still get excited about seeing the tick next to their username, and the number of people who will pay will likely justify the program, as it will on Twitter too.

But it is losing its value among the people who make it relevant. In terms of actual celebrities, it is now become less beneficial. Those real celebrities will look for some other app where they will have some relevance.

Who will bring users to these apps and drive massive engagement when genuine celebrities leave the app?

It seems like an odd business choice, but here we are.

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