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Get Ready for Halloween with Meta's Avatar Updates!

Get Ready for Halloween with Meta’s Avatar Updates!

How is Meta getting ready for Halloween with its Avatar Updates?

Meta wants you to try its 3D avatars and evolving avatar interaction tools because it is through these avatars that more people can engage in its 3D VR environments.

How is it going to help users?

It will eventually help users to migrate across its more immersive metaverse experience.

It still feels like a way off, but despite this, Meta is seemingly easing back on the metaverse hype. It is still the direction that the company is heading in.

And as such, you can expect avatars to remain a key focus moving forward in its apps.

Along this line, Meta has announced a new Halloween-themed update for its avatars. It provides additional options for customizing your digital character.

Now, you can give your avatar a Halloween makeover. It includes purple skin and expanded hair color choices.

What does Meta have to say about its Halloween avatars?

As it was announced as part of our v57 update, Meta has been rolling out some exciting new changes to make Meta Avatars more expressive, customizable, and fantastical than ever before.

This social media giant is also introducing new skin colors like purple so that you can relive the Grimace Shake fad in the metaverse. Further support for two-toned hair color means you can replicate your IRL highlights or ombré style.

Furthermore, hair and skin color options now allow for near-infinite customization, with multiple base options and sliding gradients.

What does the new customization category offer?

 A new customization category offers various face art designs and looks. You will notice new makeup offerings like lashes, eyeshadow, blush, and lip customizations. The Meta app also introduces new hairstyles and new ways to part your hair.

What do these options of Meta provide users beyond Halloween?  

And beyond Halloween, Meta says these new customization options will allow users to express themselves in different themes, such as showcasing their sports fandom.

Do you want to express your love of the game during football season?

Your avatar can sport body paint, a jersey, and a helmet. Can it reinvent your image? You can use your avatar to try out new identities.

If the user is in the mood for role-playing, they can be an astronaut. The sky is the limit for how you and all other users can reinvent the world of the metaverse.

Where these new additions are guiding users?

Even though it talks about the metaverse a lot less, Meta is still high on the concept, and these additions are all designed to guide users toward the next stage of digital interaction.

On that front, Meta also recently added mobile access for Horizon Worlds. It will enable both VR and non-VR users to engage in selected experiences.

What will your avatar turn into during the next stage?

As this type of integration expands, your avatar will become an increasingly important representation of your digital self and a port key into the next stage. It is more focused on the next generation of users.

Do you want to know more?

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