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Facebook adds new way to facilitate reels creation in the app

Meta is adding yet another way to get users to share reels on Facebook, even if they don’t have video content to upload to the app.

Due to the explosive growth of TikTok, Meta is trying to get more users to share some short-form videos to tap into the same trend.

It is trying to align its platforms with what it considers a transformative usage shift.

It is why Meta adds a heap of tools and processes to highlight short video clips in feeds & facilitate the simplified creation of all the short-form video content, as the latest loop is the ultimate endgame for such a process.

Again, this option summarizes all Meta has been working towards on Facebook and Instagram throughout the year. It is using TikTok as its product development lead.

As Meta has repeatedly noted, Reels usage is on the rise and constantly generates enormous traction.

Besides that, a particular percentage of users on Facebook and Instagram don’t like downloading a new app and building a new social graph to watch short video clips.

It is the reason why they are the current target audience for reels. With these new updates, Meta is not trying to beat TikTok but simply trying to dilute its unique brand value and stop its users from leaving Meta’s Facebook and Instagram.

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