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Exploring the Possibilities of Threads Available to EU Users

Exploring the Possibilities of Threads Available to EU Users

When will EU users get access to Meta’s new Threads app?

It could take a while as Meta grapples with the expanding requirements of the EU Digital Markets Act (DMA). It is designed to protect user privacy and provide control over data usage.

It is mitigating monopoly-type behavior by the tech giants too.

The DMA specifically aims at what it defines as ‘gatekeeper’ platforms, essentially large corporations with outsized control over how users access apps and other connective processes.

The main aim of the act is to stop Google and Apple from misusing their market power to prioritize their products that, incidentally, Meta is trying to use to establish its app store in the region.

But it will also apply to Meta in this case, as Threads is essentially a derivative of Instagram.

It could fall disgusting of the new rules, or at the least, warrant further investigation. It will require EU authorities to rule on the process and whether it is acceptable under the law.

It also assesses whether the data sharing between the two apps is clearly explained and meets the evolving requirements.

EU regulators have established new rules and privacy protections to ensure users have more choices regarding how their data is accessed.

These regulations also make sure how companies can control digital markets. These new rules ensure fairness, competitive balance, and more user control.

The DMA is just one of the several elements of these evolving processes, with other aspects, such as transatlantic data transfers, also under negotiation between US and EU regulators.

It, too, has seen significant progress of late, with US President Joe Biden securing a new data transfer agreement just this week. Meta had warned that it would have to cut off EU users from all of its apps without an agreement.

Threads are now seemingly caught in a state of limbo till EU regulators assess the full implications of the platform.

They have also to see how it aligns with these new rules. There is no conclusive time frame on how long it might take to pass these hurdles.

There is some insight into how EU regulators view the connection process and the development of the new app. Meta doesn’t know how long it might be until the app is available in EU app stores.

Threads have raced to 100 million members in record time, and you can imagine that many EU users are keen to join the party too.

European users are similarly excited about what the new Twitter-like app is all about. As such, once it is cleared for EU access, Meta can expect another injection of Threads users that could lead to a secondary growth bump for the app at some stage.

Meta doesn’t know when exactly that is going to happen. So, stay tuned for more updates on Meta.

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