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Exploring the Possibilities of Meta's Own LLM

Exploring the Possibilities of Meta’s Own LLM

What are the possibilities of Meta’s Own LLM?

Meta is looking to make a more significant push into generative AI through a new LLM system. It hopes this new LLM system will make it the leader in the AI race.

What does the Wall Street Journal say about it?

The Wall Street Journal says that Meta is building a new AI system. With the help of this new system, it is hoping to eventually rival OpenAI’s GPT systems in computing power and complexity.

The system will be built on Meta’s current Llama models. Hence, it will bring Meta up to speed with others in the generative AI race.

What more does the Wall Street Journal say about it?

Wall Street Journal also says that with the help of the planned system and the details, it could still change. It would help other companies build services that produce sophisticated text, analysis, and additional output.

Who is developing these generative AI tools?

It is the work of a group formed early this year by Meta Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg to accelerate the development of so-called generative AI tools. This new AI tool can produce human-like expressions.

Indeed, various reports have suggested that Zuckerberg became “obsessed” with AI after seeing the early hype around ChatGPT.

It has changed the direction of several projects of Meta. It has reduced its emphasis on the metaverse, too. It was known as its long-term VR bet.

However, it also remains a critical element of Meta’s planning. However, generative AI has opened up new opportunities.

Hence, Meta is uniquely placed to tap into such AI tools. These tools are based on its unmatched data banks and systematic resources.

What more does the Wall Street Journal report about it?

WSJ also reports that Meta is acquiring more Nvidia H100 chips to power its AI ambitions. Nvidia chips are in high demand and limited supply at present.

Hence, at a base level, the company with the most chips has the best chance to win in the broader AI development race.

Earlier this year, Elon Musk reportedly purchased 10,000 GPUs for his generative AI project.

It will be interesting to see how Meta plans to deploy its AI and LLM tools. Moreover, users are also interested in how they will be integrated into its in-app experiences.

What more is Meta experimenting with?  

Meta is already experimenting with a wide range of AI-powered elements. It includes visual creation tools and an Instagram chatbot.

What Meta is trying to do with its more advanced AI system?  

With the help of a more advanced AI system, it will look into enhancing and improving these experiences. It will also utilize higher-end AI within its ad targeting and creation process.

Overall, seeing Meta looking to make a more significant move in the AI space will be a surprise. Given its long-term work in this area and potential, it can easily compete.

Meta can create a better AI model based on its trove of conversational data and interaction, and these considerations are factored in.

It will be interesting to see how it will deploy and utilize such systems.

What more is Meta expecting to do with its new AI system after it gets ready?  

According to WSJ, Meta expects to train its new AI system in early 2024—no word yet on a public release timeline.

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