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Exploring the Impact of Threads on Polls and Gifs

Exploring the Impact of Threads on Polls and Gifs

What Threads is doing to expand its engagement options?

Threads is rolling out more updates this time with the addition of GIFs and polls in-stream.

As Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced, Threads users can now add GIFs. It provides them with another way to enhance their Threads posts.

Users will now see a new GIF icon in their Threads composer options.

You can search GIPHY or the GIF platform that Meta once briefly owned for a relevant animated image to convey your message by tapping on that.

What Meta’s polls will provide to the Threads audience?

Polls will provide another way to engage your Threads audience. By tapping the line chart icon, you can create a poll in-stream with up to four response options for your viewers to vote on.

What the Treads’ polls will include?

Threads polls will include a timer, it counts down to the poll’s closure in real-time. It could help to drive more engagement.

Poll voters will also be sent a notification after the poll so that they can check back on the final results.

What the new additions will bring for Threads?

The new additions bring Threads closer to parity with X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, as it works to capitalize on the opportunity of users migrating from the Elon Musk-owned platform.

Indeed, just yesterday, Zuckerberg shared that Threads is now up to 100 million monthly active users. It is less than four months after launch.

At the same time, news reports suggest that X’s userbase is crashing because Elon decided to rename the app, among other changes, pushing more users away.

This new development in social media expands the window of opportunity for Threads. Some people had proclaimed that it had already been shut after usage declined from its much-hyped launch.

Can Threads become a real threat to Meta?

But 100 million users in four months is significant, and it could see Threads become a severe threat to X’s real-time social empire if the app can stay the course.

It likely can, as Meta also remains in a solid financial position, while it also has a strong incentive, with the capacity to take in more ad dollars via the new platform, if it can make it work.

But to do that, Threads still has a way to go in boosting its appeal by adding new features and tools to enhance discussion in the app.

Like polls and GIFs, Threads is also experimenting with more ways to cross-promote Threads via integration with Instagram.

Moreover, Threads can make it easier for users to read Instagram stories?

As posted by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, Threads might soon make it easier for users to cross-post Threads to Instagram Stories. It provides another simple lure to get users across to the app.

What’s more Meta is highlighting?

Meta also highlights Threads posts to Facebook and Instagram users, which only some users are happy with. It utilizes its massive network to promote the new platform to billions more people.

What Threads is testing on another front?

On another front, Threads is also now testing view counts on posts and the ability to pin a post to your profile.

With more functional updates and a growing array of influential users, if nothing else, Threads is putting more pressure on Musk and Co. to limit their unpopular decisions, with each one seemingly pushing another cohort of X users to the app.

The view of Zuckerberg is that Threads can reach a billion users via a different approach to real-time updates. It has a way to go, but Threads is steadily establishing a niche.

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