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Exploring the Beta Test of Horizon Worlds on Mobile Devices

Exploring the Beta Test of Horizon Worlds on Mobile Devices

What is the Beta Test of Horizon Worlds?  

The next stage of Meta’s metaverse push is coming, with Meta now inviting people to apply to join the beta test for Horizon Worlds on mobile devices. It will provide another access point into its VR social environment.

How is it going to impact Horizon Worlds on mobile devices?  

Horizon Worlds on mobile will function just like gaming apps. Here, users can control their avatar on-screen and interact with VR players.

Though the VR avatars don’t have legs yet, an ongoing point of angst, while mobile players do, Meta is still working out some of the presentation kinks and variances.

What kind of impact will the Horizon Worlds on Mobile have on the public?  

Introducing Horizon Worlds on mobile will enable many more people to engage in Meta’s advanced digital environment. It will eventually become the foundational space of its next-level social interaction push.

Meta hopes that people will soon engage via their avatars in all the new ways for increasing activities. It will usher in the broader metaverse experience and encourage expanded VR take-up.

By interacting via mobile, in a game-like experience, Meta looks to lean into how the next generation of consumers are used to conducting their everyday social interactions.

Kids no longer ride their bikes to meet up at the local park like they used to. Most of their interactions with friends are now online, in the game worlds like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox.

What kind of important role will Horizon Worlds play for its users?

As this next generation gets older, the views of Meta are that they will be keen to expand those interactions into a broader set of activities.

It is why the Horizon Worlds mobile experience could play an important role in migrating users into more immersive, expanded environments and, eventually, more immersive VR experiences.

And with its next-level Quest 3 headset coming soon, the Horizon mobile app could be getting a broader rollout at just the right time to bring together a potential influx of VR gamers and mobile users who want to participate.

It is a key step that could help drive metaverse take-up, even if it still seems like the metaverse is not a thing and has yet to gain traction with crucial adopters.

It could still be coming; this is another bridge to that next stage.

You can learn more about the Horizon Worlds beta here.

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