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Exploring the Benefits of Meta's Threads for App Growth

Exploring the Benefits of Meta’s Threads for App Growth

What do you make of Threads, and where is it currently placed in the social media ecosystem?  

The app’s growth has significantly slowed after racing to 100 million sign-ups in a record time. It is due to limited functionality, decreasing engagement, lack of regional availability and several other more valid reasons.

Threads is now sitting on 120 million total sign-ups, with reports that its growth has slowed by 90% since its initial hyped launch.

It does not bode well for its future, while engagement is reportedly down significantly as all the early excitement fades.

So is Threads over already? Are we destined to drift back to X, no matter how many rivals show up with Threads-type apps?

 With Threads specifically, users started to think that there was something new they would all experience. But the initial hype led to much disappointment.

Hence, it is why so many people are seeking a new alternative. The Threads algorithm is improving, and it is helping to boost engagement.

Moreover, Meta’s chief Mark Zuckerberg remains optimistic that it can become a significant platform, despite all its earlier fluctuations.

But it does have a way to go.

Now Zuckerberg’s post states that all the key Threads updates, such as the desktop app and improved search, will be coming soon. At the same time, the app is also rolling out more minor tweaks and changes that will gradually improve the user experience.

Among them, Threads is currently rolling out a new section where you can view your liked Threads to find the content you have previously engaged with.

The Threads team has also begun rolling out new notification control options. It will provide another new way to manage your app experience.

The fact that these are just now being added underlines how new the app is and how much work the Threads team have to to do to get it up to equate it with your regular social app experience.

But they are coming, and Threads functionality is improving with adding a “Following” feed. It will see a steady evolution of the in-app experience.

Zuckerberg is extra motivated to combat Elon Musk, both metaphorically and physically. It seems likely that Threads will indeed be given every chance, and every available resource, to maximize its success.

The much-rumoured “Elon vs Zuck” cage fight may not go ahead. But I would bet on Zuck looking to keep taking swings at Elon. However, he can, and it will see Threads getting constant focus.

But the most significant impact for X is the number of journalists and media organizations. These journos are now active on Threads, looking to move away from Elon’s platform forever.

Elon has been a vocal critic of “mainstream media” and the purported lies told by journalists at several organizations. This company of X users could grow Threads by shifting their attention to the new app. They will eventually bring in their large audiences with them.

Elon believes that “citizen journalism” is a less biased, more accurate representation. In his view, he will ultimately attract more audience to his platform. But it would be a hazard to bet over that. Over time, Threads will win a large chunk of X users based on this element alone.

Click here to learn more about Meta’s Threads and other social media platforms like X (Former Twitter).

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