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Exploring the Benefits of Meta's Personal Data Control Elements in Your Account

Exploring the Benefits of Meta’s Personal Data Control Elements in Your Account

What kind of updates has Meta announced for its Accounts Center management platform?

Building on its efforts to simplify its account management tools, Meta has today announced an update to its Accounts Center management platform. It will bring more of your Facebook and IG data options into this centralized control element.

Back in January, Meta has rolled out an updated Accounts Center. It now integrates all your Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger data control options into a single interface.

What more is Meta adding?

Now, it’s also adding personal data downloads so you can access all the info Meta has on you in one place.

What does Meta say about it?

Meta says that you can download your information and access your information that is now centralized in the Accounts Center.

Moreover, you can now also download information from your Facebook and Instagram accounts simultaneously.

For example, you can download photos uploaded to both platforms now and do that with a single action.

Or you can still download your information for Facebook and Instagram separately.

It will make it much easier for people to understand how they can access these options, which many are likely unaware of, as they have been long hidden within sub-sections of your app settings.

Why is Meta expanding its “Activity Off-Meta Technologies”?

Meta is also expanding its “Activity Off-Meta Technologies,” formerly known as off-Facebook activity and “Transfer Your Information” elements.

Until now, these options have only been available for Facebook, but now, you can access the same for your Instagram activity.

Now, you can more easily access the information that Meta has gathered on you from other sites and apps. It will help you manage how your data is used in each app.

What is the function of Meta’s “Transfer your Information” option?

“Transfer Your Information” will enable you to transfer your Instagram photos and videos to other services, making sharing and saving memories much more accessible.

Still determining how many IG users would consider their uploads precious memories, you now have a new, centralized control option to access and keep your photos off-platform if you so choose.

What more has Meta been working on?

Meta has been working to make its centralized Accounts Center a more all-encompassing tool. It provides an easier way to manage your Meta app settings and data while keeping its apps more inter-connected.

It could also help Meta if it is ordered to split up its empire, as proposed in various antitrust proceedings.

However, the main benefit is for users to provide a single home for controlling their cross-platform settings.

When are the new updates for Meta being rolled out?

The new updates to Meta’s Account Center are being rolled out from 17th October 2023 on Tuesday.

You can access your Accounts Center in the “Settings” menu on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger to see and review the new updates.

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