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Exploring the Benefits of Instagram Stickers for Engagement

Exploring the Benefits of Instagram Stickers for Engagement

What are the new benefits of Instagram Stickers for Engagement?

While it continues adding new features to Threads, the Instagram team is also building more engagement elements into its main app.

It includes many new stickers it wants to have ready for the upcoming holiday season.

First, Instagram is developing a new “App” sticker that allows users to promote other apps within their Stories directly.

The app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi has spotted all of these new stickers in testing. The App sticker would provide an easy way to link your viewers to another app.

What these Stickers are capable of doing?

These stickers could be good for promoting special deals, products, helpful creation tools, and many more.

And if it is launched before the holidays, you can bet that various retailers will be looking to get IG influencers to use the sticker to help promote their apps and offers in the lead-up to big sales events.

It could be one to watch for marketing teams.

What more is Instagram experimenting with?

Instagram is also experimenting with a new “Secret” sticker. It could only be visible to those who respond to the Story with a message.

It would then enable the creator to decide if they allow each user access to the secret. It could be an interesting way to drive more direct response and engagement.

Instagram also tries another music-sharing option with a “Music Pick” sticker. It would enable respondents to share their top tracks of the moment.

So, it would be like a group mix-tape among your friends. It could be good. But then again, people’s music tastes differ greatly, even within smaller groups so continuous playlists may be better.

What is Instagram University Event?

These new stickers are in addition to the latest updates Instagram announced at its “Instagram University” event in New York last week. It includes audio notes, close friend groups, and new birthday reminders.

Most of these features lean into more enclosed group sharing. It has become a key trend in IG usage as users shift away from public posting in favor of maintaining smaller group chats with friends.

What’s more, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri explains about it.

In July last year, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri explained that users are now posting a lot more to stories and sending many more DMs than they are posting to Feed.

It has become a key focus for the app’s development, with the main IG feed now becoming more of a discovery platform in highlighting the best trending, primarily video content. At the same time, the social elements shift out of public sight.

It is why both Instagram and Facebook now feel a lot different.

While for some users, it has made each app feel less engaging, for most, it has seen their overall usage of each platform increase, even with fewer personal updates to check out.

You can expect this to be the main push from IG as we head into the holiday break when more users spend more of their time in apps.

If Instagram can add more ways to facilitate expanded engagement and get people to share, that could help keep them in the app instead of drifting off to TikTok instead.

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