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Exploring Meta's Safety Features of Horizon Worlds Update

Exploring Meta’s Safety Features of Horizon Worlds Update

What are the new safety features for the Horizon Worlds Update?

Meta is adding some new safety elements to Horizon Worlds. It can do so with an update to its in-stream reporting options and new explainers on how its safety controls work.

As outlined in the latest Horizon Worlds release notes, Meta is making reporting users in the VR social environment easier, with a streamlined flow connected to each user.

What is Meta is saying about these new safety features?

Meta says that hovering over another person’s nameplate while pausing will open a shortcut menu to mute, block, or report them. When you enter a pause, it will be easier to access your sound, safety, and profile settings.

Reporting has become a key consideration for the VR world, as users can get overwhelmed by the sensory-simulated environment.

What concerns does Meta have because of Horizon Worlds Update?

It can only get worse for mental health concerns, too. As more and more of our social interactions become more enclosed and more immersive, it seems inevitable that we will face even more problems on this front.

Meta had to introduce more robust reporting and classification features in its VR social environment and personal boundaries to ensure that people can avoid unwanted interaction in the space.

It seems like a significant problem waiting to happen, yet, much like social media before it, Users fear that Meta will never take these concerns seriously in retrospect.

Once VR has already reached mass adoption, and the problems start happening in real-time, it will come to the fore how Meta will respond to the upcoming problem.

In its defense, Meta is constantly building new tools to address such concerns and problems related to Horizon Worlds.

In this new update, Meta also adds educational explainers on safety and how to use the various safety controls in the VR space.

It is doing a lot to provide more options on this front, but it seems like VR is even more consuming than social media.

It will subsequently have far more significant mental health impacts for several people as it gradually sees more adoption.

Are we ready for that? Are mental health services prepared for how VR immersion will cause more harm?

Have we done all that we can to get ahead of such before the expanded metaverse push? These and many more questions like that have forced the experts in the metaverse field to show some concerns.

Again, it seems like many of these issues will become a bigger focus in retrospect. It may be the only way it can happen. But it will be a significant side effect of the projected next wave of digital connection.

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