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Exploring Meta's Live Test of Avatar Legs in VR

Exploring Meta’s Live Test of Avatar Legs in VR

What is the big update in the Meta’s latest release notes?

A big update in Meta’s latest release notes for Quest v57 is that its VR avatars are finally getting legs. It is in public testing now.

Meta’s VR characters are finally getting legs. So, they will no longer look like digital genies floating around in the virtual space.

How was the experience before Meta’s Avatars got their legs?

Meta’s lack of legs in VR has been a much-criticized element, with the half-avatars taking several users out of the interactive experience.

Legs are difficult for Meta to simulate because its VR headsets don’t include leg sensors. Thus, it has no way of tracking actual leg movement.

What did Meta do to solve this problem?

Meta has developed a new process known as QuestSim to solve this issue. It uses AI to estimate what your legs do while engaging in VR activities.

You can take evidence from the movements it can track via your arms and head to guess where your legs get placed at any given time.

It is probably not the best way for Meta to invest its AI resources, but it has been a major point of contention for many users.

Why is Meta looking to expand Horizon World’s access to mobile devices?  

Meta is also looking to expand Horizon World’s access to mobile devices; the need for legs has become even more pressing than ever before for Meta.

It is because the character depictions via the mobile Horizon app do have legs, as they are not based on VR headset interaction.

Meta hopes that opening up Horizon access to mobile users will bring even more people into its next-level social space.

Meta also hopes that It will bring gamers into its VR world, and then it could become a key bridge to guide users into its metaverse experience.

The metaverse concept has yet to catch on, but as more advanced games and other tools are released, the interest in the metaverse is growing.

And if Meta can invite mobile and non-VR users into the action, then it could inspire more people to invest in its next-level vision for the future.

Strangely enough, digital legs have become a key sticking point in all of this, which is why the addition of legs in VR is likely to get a lot more significance than you might expect.

When Meta launched the first stage of testing its VR character legs?

Meta has launched the first stage of testing for its VR character legs. It is viewable in a third-person perspective at this stage. But they are coming and addressing this key concern for its virtual space.

What more is Meta doing for its viewers, followers, and customers?

On another front, Meta is also expanding its parental supervision tools and introducing time limits in Horizon Worlds. Meta has recently lowered the age limits for users engaging in VR, too.

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