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Enhancing HD Images with WhatsApp

Enhancing HD Images with WhatsApp

What is Enhancing HD Images with WhatsApp all about?

WhatsApp is adding support for HD photos in-stream, with users now able to choose whether they upload in regular or HD quality.

The new option will provide another way to share images in your messages, with an “HD” logo appearing on uploaded visuals.

These visuals are for those that have the option available. It enables you and other users of YouTube to control how your uploaded pictures appear in the app.

What is the optional process for enhancing the HD images with WhatsApp?

The optional process could be handy for those in low connectivity situations or those on data plans. It provides the capacity to upload in higher quality if they choose.

While it still enables regular image sharing. Either way, both image types will still be subject to WhatsApp end-to-end encryption defaults.

Message recipients will also see a small “HD” icon on images shared in higher resolution from WhatsApp.

It is a handy update. It could significantly improve the WhatsApp user experience. Although, it will also start filling up your device memory quickly if you send and receive a lot of HD images.

Meta says that the new option will be rolled out to users on Android, iOS, and the web over the next few weeks. While Meta also notes that it is working on HD video support. It could be an even more significant addition too.

When the new HD function becomes available in the app?

If or when the new HD function becomes available, you will see an “HD” gear icon when you attach an image in-stream.

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