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Chief Tweet Flags Emoji Reactions For Tweets for Providing More Response Options

As a chief tweet, Elon Musk is making all kinds of minor but suitable tweaks with various new elements. These elements are tweet view counts, up and down votes, and subscriptions.

Elon and his new team of professionals consisting of software programmers, coders, content moderators and others, must regenerate all the old proposals.

They should repackage them into something new and get people to pay for them as an add-on feature.

The most recent tweet reactions came in March last year after Twitter sought users’ feedback on the possibility of more Emoji response options in addition to the like ‘heart’ icon.

Most people agree with the logic of Twitter. Reactions have become a chronic response option for several people.

The reason is apparent because these emojis or emoticons are available on many social media platforms and messaging apps.

Twitter has so many reactions in DMs, with six options available, in addition to the single ‘heart’ response you can use in average tweets.

Moreover, the ‘heart’ emoji only applies to a few reactions. All these tweet reactions may make sense. They can also be a good accompaniment.

But all such emoticons were shelved by the previous Twitter team, but under Elon, the new Twitter team will try them out.

Most of the recommendations he has flagged in his tweets will make it through Twitter production. Furthermore, Elon Musk is already looking to factor more user response options into the tweet ranking.

If Musk wants Twitter to reflect the people accurately, he and his team should incorporate direct feedback signals into the mix.

It is only up to Elon how he wants to bring new changes in the world-famous social media platform and bring in a new revolution.

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