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Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO

When we talk or read about keyword research finding the right and relevant keywords is a crucial part. And keyword research tools make this process quite easier.

On the internet, you can find various free as well as paid keyword research tools which we will discuss later in this blog. 

If you are not familiar the SEO then check out this blog to find the best keyword research tools for SEO.    

Why Do You Need a Keyword Research Tool? 

If you are looking for paid or free keyword research tools then you are familiar with the keywords. 

Keyword research tools are research instruments where the user can find relevant keywords or phrases that people are searching in search engines. 

When you know what are the trends and what users are looking for you can utilize these keywords to enhance your blog. 

By using these tools you can also find out what keywords competitors are using.  

Best Keyword Research Tools 


It is one of the popular keyword research tools on the internet. You can its a complete SEO tool. It has various features. 

Keyword Overview

best keyword research tool

You can find overall details about each keyword such as how many people are searching on a monthly or three-month basis, difficulty level, CPC, and many more details. 

Keyword Magic Tool 

best keyword research tool

It’s a kind of similar feature to the keyword overview. It suggests broad keyword matches, relevant keywords, relevant words & phrases, search volume, search intent, and competition level. 

Keyword manager 

This feature is only available for premium users. You can get in-depth data by using this premium feature such find new keywords, tracking keyword performance & ranking, user can make groups of keywords so it will be easier to track, and user can also analyze competitor’s sites. 

Position tracking 

best keyword research tool

It’s a tracking feature where the user can track the performance of each keyword as well as competitor sites. 

Organic traffic insights 

This feature is a combination of google analytics and google console. By using this feature you can find low-competition keywords which can actually drive traffic to your website.   

Ahrefs keyword explorer 

It is another popular keyword on the internet it has a keyword explorer feature as well as provides in-depth keyword information. 

This tool uses to collect data from various search engines and then provides you detail reports such as search volume, competition level, and keyword performance.    

The best part of this tool, it will analyze your website and competitor sites and then give you a detailed report. For example, which keywords your competitors are ranking so you can use them to rank your website. 

The price range is a little higher than other SEO research tools, a user need to pay 83$ to 999$ per month. 

Google Keyword Planner 

free keyword research tools

It is one of the free keyword research tools that anyone can use it. Like other tools (SEMrush and Ahrefs) it doesn’t offer various features or in-depth information still you can get an overall view of keywords. 

For example, if you search for a keyword then give you relevant keywords & phrases, search volume, and competition level. This tool directly collects data from Google and its users. 

The tool interface is quite simple so anyone can use it with ease.  


It’s a full SEO service tool and mostly this tool is used for link building, PPC marketing campaign management, search engine optimization, and keyword research. 

You can find in-depth details such as keyword search volume, popular &relevant keywords, competition level, and track your competition competitors. 

By using this tool you can find keywords or questions that are appear in SERP as feature snippets and relevant to your niche. It also has a feature to analyze your content. 

The price range is an average 59$ to 499$. 


best keyword research tool

It is another trusted and user-friendly SEO research tool. It offers various features such as keyword suggestions, search volume data, keyword difficulty scores, and content ideas. It also has some additional features such as SEO audit and backlink analysis features. 

You can use it for free but limited features are available and you can use it for times a day after that you have to wait for the next day to start research. 

In the premium membership, you can take advantage of all the tools. The price range is also quite low starting from 29$ to 290$ per month. 

AnswerThe Public 



It’s a search engine listing tool that can collect data from the search engine and provide you the in-depth data such as queries or phrases that users are searching in the search engine. 

The information format is quite simple and easy to understand. You will find queries, prepositions, and related searches to your niche. 

It’s a premium tool still you can use it a limited number of times. 

Long Tail Pro 

This primarily focuses on long-tail keywords that have low competition so it will be easier for you to rank if you implement these keywords. 

This tool provides various features such as in-depth keyword research, search volume, competition level, and SERP analysis. It offers a few additional features like rank tracking and competitor analysis.

It is a versatile keyword research tool and uses various sources to collect data. It offers various features such as relevant keywords & phrases, relevant keyword ideas to create content on multiple platforms (Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, etc.), and competitor analysis.

Moz Keyword Explorer 

it’s a user-friendly keyword research tool. It offers various features such as relevant keywords & phrases, search engine in-depth data, the competition level of each keyword, and organic click-through rate data. The user can analyze the search engine data. 


Here we discussed the best keyword research tools for SEO. Each provides various features and has different pricing plans so make sure to read the entire blog to find the best keywords.

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