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Analyzing YouTube Channel Performance Through Video Format

Analyzing YouTube Channel Performance Through Video Format

Do you want to know how YouTube is going to analyze the performance of their channel?

YouTube has announced the launch of a new report in YouTube Studio. It will display the number of new and returning views by content format within your channel insights.

By opening the following-The Analytics > Content > All section, you will be able to get a quick overview of total new, returning, and subscribed viewers by format type. It will make it easier for you to see how each one of your posts are performing.

The main driver here is likely Shorts. It is the fastest-growing content format in the app. Over 2 billion YouTube users are now watching Shorts content every month.

As YouTube is looking to feed into this demand, it is pushing for more creators to post short clips. It is also helping them in boosting the awareness of their channel too.

This new report will put even more emphasis on the value of Shorts. It will show just how much of an impact it can have in driving audience engagement.

Live videos could also be a big driver for some channels, but having some specific breakdowns will make it easier to see what you should be focused on in your process.

Now, given the stats, it is going to be Shorts. If you are not experimenting with short-form video as yet, it is likely worth trying, and seeing what your audience responds to, on YouTube and in other apps.

YouTube says that the new analytics overview is being rolled out from this week.

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