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ADL Resumes Advertising on X After Recent Clashes Over Hate

ADL Resumes Advertising on X After Recent Clashes Over Hate

Why has A.D.L. resumed advertising on X after recent clashes over hate?

It seems that the recent efforts of Elon Musk to meet with community leaders and address concerns around antisemitism have appeased the Anti-Defamation League or A.D.L.

The organization is starting on October 4, 2023, regarding the progress of X and subsequent recommendations for prospective X advertisers.

The A.D.L. has come under fire from Musk recently amid concerns that the group had been pushing advertisers to boycott X.

Changes to the app’s moderation rules have led A.D.L. to find more instances of hate speech in X posts.

Musk has refuted all the claims of A.D.L. and even threatened to sue the organization for loss of earnings due to its reports.

But for now, the two sides have called a truce based on X’s efforts to improve and combat hate speech.

What does A.D.L. say about it?

A.D.L. says they appreciate X’s intention over the last few weeks to address antisemitism and hate on the platform. A.D.L. says it has been helpful, but more needs to be done to correct the situation.

A.D.L. further states that it possesses good relationships with other companies. In the spirit of collaboration, A.D.L. hopes they can continue to engage with X on this critical matter.

The A.D.L. has yet to detail any specific actions that X has undertaken outside of meeting with the A.D.L. and Jewish leaders to discuss its efforts.

X has repeatedly claimed that hate speech is well down in the app, year-over-year, but third-party analysis suggests the opposite. It was the basis of the A.D.L.’s original criticism of the company.

It is still unclear if X has convinced the A.D.L. of the steps taken against hate speech on X. Although, the threat of legal action has played some part in the A.D.L. issuing an official statement.

Any allegation that A.D.L. has somehow orchestrated a boycott of X and is directly responsible for billions of dollars of losses to the company or is “pulling the strings” for other advertisers is false.

What does A.D.L. further state about it?

A.D.L. further states that they were advertising on the platform until the anti-ADL attacks began a few weeks ago. They are now preparing again to bring out the critical message of fighting hate to X and its users.

So even the A.D.L. itself is now looking to run ads on X again. It is a big win for the ”X” app in convincing others of its focus on brand safety.

Again, X maintains that it is doing more than ever to ensure hate speech is solved quickly. At the same time, it has established new third-party verification partnerships to assure advertisers that their content will not get published alongside potentially offensive material.

What more is X developing to help brands and businesses avoid problematic content?  

X is developing new safety tiers to help brands and businesses avoid potentially problematic content. It seems that, in combination, all of these efforts have been enough to convince the A.D.L. that ”X” is making progress on this front.

Given Musk’s public criticisms of the A.D.L., this is a significant update, and it will be interesting to see if it impacts X’s ad business as he seems to believe the A.D.L.’s initial statements.

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