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Adam Mosseri admits that Instagram Showed People Too Many Videos Last Year

The head of Instagram, Mr. Adam Mosseri, now feels and believes that their platform put irregular emphasis on videos and reels in 2022.

Because of this extra focus on videos, traditional photo posts were not up to the mark. It was one of his answers from his weekly question and answers with users today.

According to Mr. Mosseri, Instagram works beside the scenes to restore a balance between reels and photos. Now, even the internal metrics are showing that it is working.

Mr. Mosseri has also stated that it is a good thing that things are balanced, and to some degree, more videos on Instagram are driving engagement over time.

However, he has emphasized that photos will always be an important part of Instagram. He also stated that photographers are losing faith in Instagram, which used to be a platform for showcasing their work.

During his questions and answers session, he also addressed spam on Instagram. He said his talented team of programmers and experts is doing their best to reduce spam.

Besides his statements, Instagram has also announced some new features, such as “Quiet Mode.”

They have also announced a new feature that allows users to mark multiple posts on the Explore Page that they are not interested in.

Instagram will also help in tuning and improvement recommendations that you see. But all these improvements will come at a later date on Instagram.

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