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A New Way to Connect Meta Launches WhatsApp for Wear OS

A New Way to Connect Meta Launches WhatsApp for Wear OS

It could come in handy today. Meta has announced the full release of WhatsApp for Wear OS. It will enable people using a Google-powered smartwatch to start new chats, reply to messages, and answer calls via WhatsApp, all in one device.

You will now be able to access full WhatsApp functionality from your wrist. So when you are out for a run or on a walk with your dog, you can stay in touch, even if you want to leave your phone behind.

Google announced the addition of WhatsApp for Wear OS in May at its Google I/O event, and it has been in beta testing ever since.

But now, it is moving to the next stage. It will provide another way to stay connected to your WhatsApp chats while on the go.

Though it is only for Google-powered smartwatches at this stage, Apple does not currently have a standalone WhatsApp app for Apple Watch users.

Although you can still get notifications of incoming messages via iPhone connection, you will need a watch that uses Wear OS if you want to reply to messages on your wrist and have full app functionality.

So if you are really into WhatsApp, you should switch up your watch.

It is unfortunate because Apple dominates the global smartwatch market, but Google still has a respectable presence via its watch operating system.

It could be another consideration for your connective process.

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