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Meta's AI Chatbots with 30 different personalities

A New Era of AI: Meta’s AI Chatbots with 30 Different Personalities

What Meta’s Chatbots with different personalities are all about?

Meta is introducing the next phase of generative AI features. According to a news report from The Financial Times, it will include AI chatbots that can communicate in different personas.

FT even states that Meta is experimenting with various personas in its new AI chatbot tools. It will soon be available in different Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram elements.

The personas would range from re-creations of historical figures like Abraham Lincoln to more stereotypical characters like a surfer that provides travel advice.

Meta’s chatbot tools have already been spotted in testing—even the app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi regularly posted screenshots from the back-end code of Instagram in June.

Meta is developing over 30 different AI personalities with generative response tools.

These tools provide functionality similar to the wildly popular ChatGPT, but the difference is that it is built into Meta’s apps specifically.

You can also summon these AI chatbots within your DM threads by sending a question to @ai.

AI personas were one of several vital initiatives Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg flagged back in February. He announced a new ‘top-level product group’ working specifically on AI tools.

Among other AI initiatives, Meta is also developing visual creation tools for Instagram, text assistants for WhatsApp, and more advanced video creation elements for all its sister platforms.

With generative AI becoming a key tech trend, it makes sense for Meta to jump on board the rising wave and incorporate these tools. Here, it can, and over time, as these tools evolve, they become precious and helpful tools within your social media experience.

Though the personas themselves and maybe not. Some users will underrate this element, but no one can imagine that a chatbot repeatedly referring to you as ‘dude’ will hold its entertainment value for too long.

FT also says that Meta is looking to launch its new AI chatbots in September. So, it is up to you to gear up for all those new and incredible things that Meta has in store for you.

You can click here to learn more Meta has in store besides the updates on other social media platforms.

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