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A Closer Look at YouTube's New Display for Subscriptions Feed

A Closer Look at YouTube’s New Display for Subscriptions Feed

What is YouTube’s New Display For Subscriptions Feed?

YouTube is testing a new way to ensure that you don’t miss any uploads from your favorite creators in the app. At the same time, it is also looking to help users find more relevant music matches by humming a tune to locate a track.

What is YouTube is testing?

First, YouTube is testing a new channel shelf in the Subscriptions feed where you can see when a channel you subscribe to has uploaded multiple new clips.

What is YouTube’s take on New Display for Subscriptions Feed?

YouTube is saying it is starting to try bundling multiple uploads from a single creator within a short time into a shelf in the Subscriptions feed.

This social media giant is experimenting with the subscription feed for several reasons. According to this platform, it is a way to make it easier for viewers to find the content they are looking for.

It will also put less pressure on creators to upload multiple times a day and make it simpler for viewers to engage with the content on the shelf and navigate to other content while scrolling in their feed.

So rather than seeing various new videos from a single creator in the main feed, you can check out all of their latest videos since you last logged in within a separate stream.

It could make it easier to stay on top of the latest content from your favorite creators. The new subscription feed display will also ensure you don’t miss anything. Moreover, it will also make the main subscriptions feed less chaotic.

What is the challenge before YouTube while deploying this new update?  

The only challenge will be ensuring that users are aware of the update and are using these new filters to watch the latest content, but no doubt YouTube will have accounted for this in the UI.

What more is YouTube saying about this new update?

YouTube is currently testing this with a small percentage of viewers.

Explore all other tests that YouTube is conducting?

YouTube’s other new test is a new song discovery process. It will enable users to hum tune into the app to find the track they have in mind.

YouTube is further saying that they are experimenting with the ability for folks to search for a song on YouTube by humming or recording a song currently being played.

If you are in the experiment, you can toggle from YouTube voice search to the new song search feature and hum or record the song you are searching for 3 or more seconds for the song to be identified correctly.

So it is like Shazam, but for YouTube generally, with some level of advanced recognition of humming, it can only reference the melody. It cannot use YouTube’s existing audio ID elements.

If the system can identify the track you are looking for, you will be shown a listing of related YouTube content. It includes official music videos, user-generated clips, and Shorts that feature the searched song.

So now, if you have that one tune replaying repeatedly in your head and cannot think of what it is, it is better to try humming it into your YouTube app to see what it can find.

When and how the experiment is rolling out?

YouTube says that the experiment is rolling out to a small percentage of people across the globe who watch YouTube on Android devices daily.

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