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A Closer Look at Twitter's Job Listings Option

A Closer Look at Twitter’s Job Listings Option

Twitter’s new job listings are slowly being rolled out to Verified Organizations in the app. Some businesses can now post job openings directly to their Twitter profile.

Workweek was recently given access to the new Twitter job posting feature. It enables the company to post vacant roles in a separate tab on its Twitter profile.

Workweek CEO Adam Ryan says that the job listing feature is included in the $1,000 per month Verified for Organizations package. It is another benefit of the corporate verification offering.

It is not listed as an official feature on Twitter’s Verified Organizations page yet, but live testing suggests that it is likely close to launch, with Workweek among the first brands to access the new element.

Twitter has been developing its job listings option over the past few months. It is following the acquisition of job-matching start-up Laskie. It was the company’s first acquisition since Elon Musk purchased the app.

Elon has alluded to creating a LinkedIn competitor as part of his broader vision for the platform. Eventually, It could include more video elements, in-stream payments, dating profiles, and more, all built into the Twitter experience.

It aligns with Elon’s ‘everything app’ plan, with Twitter set to facilitate more and more types of interactions and processes, offering enhanced utility.

The hope is that more users will rely on Twitter as their key app. It will facilitate more growth opportunities, engagement, ad sales, etc.

It is early stages right now, with Twitter 2.0 still establishing the framework of this new offering. But eventually, it is Elon’s grand plan, with job posts being another element within this broader scope.

Twitter has already developed the full back-end process for job listings. It will enable businesses to link interested users to an application page on their website or via a third-party provider.

It could open up new opportunities, and as Workweek notes, it already hires several of its staff from Twitter connections. It could be a valuable and practical addition to several organizations.

The only real catch is the cost, with Twitter limiting the option to Verified Organizations. But then again, Twitter is also allocating gold checkmarks ‘for free’ to advertisers that spend over a certain threshold on Twitter ads each month.

So there are likely a lot of big brands that will have access to the option over the coming months.

Twitter has not announced an official launch timeline for its job posting feature, but it looks set to be launched sometime soon.

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