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A Closer Look at the Connect 2023 VR Showcase Event

A Closer Look at the Connect 2023 VR Showcase Event

What is Connect 2023 VR showcase event?

Meta has officially announced that its Meta Connect VR conference will be held on September 27th, 2023. This event will showcase all the latest developments in its expanding and expensive metaverse vision.

Meta first previewed the event in June as part of its Meta Gaming Showcase. In that previous event, it had outlined all the technical specifications of its coming Quest 3 headset.

Now, it has also shared more info on what will happen at Connect 2023. It will focus on all its latest advances in AI connection.

What Meta says about this event personally?

Meta says Connect 2023 will have an in-person presence at Meta Headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

Meta further states that it will stream the action live on various social channels. Hence, anyone can tune in, no matter where they live or happen to be.

The two full days of programming will also include a Keynote hosted by Mark Zuckerberg. It will include the Developer State of the Union and breakout sessions covering various AI-related topics and virtual, mixed, and augmented reality.

All those attending in person will also have access to demo experiences, networking events, and more.

While the metaverse has yet to be a hit for Zuck and Co, they are still committed to the long-term vision, with Meta’s investment in VR continues to grow as it approaches the next stage.

Indeed, Meta is currently on track to take a $15 billion loss on its VR bets in 2023. It will beat last year’s $14 billion VR development hit.

Initial responses to Meta’s VR experiences have been mixed, while its VR headset sales are constantly shrinking. It shows that it has not struck a chord with users just yet.

But all that money has to be going somewhere, and it could be a possibility that it will not go under the drain at some stage.

In the possible present and near future, VR will become a must-have, and Zuckerberg looks like a genius once again for being well ahead of the curve on this front.

Meta is undoubtedly the most advanced on the VR front, and if it does become a thing, it will rule over all the other social media platforms.

It is best placed to win out. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen, but it is easy to imagine a world where more people spend much more time in advanced VR environments within the next few years.

It is possible, but not sure, and it will be interesting to see what Meta showcases at this year’s Connect event. It looks to maximize the interest in its controversial metaverse push.

Do you want to know where you can register for Meta’s connect 2023 event?

You can register to attend Meta’s Connect 2023 event, in-person or online, here.

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