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Meta is Developing Its AI Targeting Models While Facebook Usage is also Rising

Facebook is no longer considered a cool app by young users today. But, it remains a key platform for several users.

Furthermore, Facebook still holds the capacity to keep users updated on important updates on friends and family. It is trying to make sure that some users return to the app.

Besides that, the usage of Facebook is increasing because of viewing internal insights by ‘The Wall Street Journal.’ It also includes some interesting notes on general Facebook and Instagram usage trends.

For many, it is an unusual trend. It gave subsequent rise to TikTok and short-form videos generally. But, Facebook has successfully used the trend of short-form videos to drive more usage.

The Reels consumption is up to 20 percent and has become a key component in the resurgence of Meta. But still, the key question remains, how is it getting success?

The answer is increased investment in AI (Artificial Intelligence). The investment has driven improvements in the relevance models that fuel Reels and its ads, driving better response.

Regarding reels, the systems of Meta are getting better at showing users the Reels content that they are most likely to be interested in.

You might have noticed it yourself. It was a mess of random video clips inserted into your Facebook feed. But now, the entire system of feed is more focused than ever.

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