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Threads is Testing Branded Content Tags for Maximum Impact

Threads is Testing Branded Content Tags for Maximum Impact

Why is Threads testing branded content tags for maximum impact?

It has been in development for some time, and now, it looks like the new “Paid Partnership” label for Threads is close to a full launch.

As shared by Zac Schillinger, some users are now seeing a “Mark as paid partnership” option. It is accessible via a new three-dot menu option at the top right of the Threads composer window.

Meta began working on a paid partnership label for Threads shortly after launch because it is not a plan to launch ads in the app till it reaches a level of mass adoption.

The Threads team won’t be able to stop creators from publishing affiliate content themselves.

And having no way to label such could bring unwanted attention from the FTC and other regulatory bodies. As such, it is an important addition, and it will also provide a means for brands to reach audiences in the app.

And given its more recent growth, that is fast becoming a bigger consideration.

What is the insight from

According to insight from, Threads downloads have seen a big uptick over the last week, and It has seen the app rise from #40 to #20 on the overall download charts.

Reports of widespread misinformation around the Israel-Hamas war spreading on X, along with various moves designed to force users to pay for the app and promote native, long-form content instead of off-platform sharing.

It has had a negative impact within at least some X communities, with many journalists, in particular, now migrating to Threads.

It is what X owner Elon Musk wants. Elon has repeatedly criticized an increasing rage of “mainstream” news outlets and labelling these journalists as liars, puppets, or worse.

It is, of course, makes them less inclined to keep using his app. And while Elon reserves the right to share his personal opinion, especially in the app that he paid $44 billion for.

Still, there is a risk that he could be alienating a key and influential user base. It could inadvertently open the door for Threads to gain pace.

And with the Threads team is also working on a range of much-requested features. It includes Trending Topics, pinned posts, and more.

It does feel like Threads is re-gaining some of that initial steam it had, which saw it break the record for the fastest app to reach 100 million members.

Many people came in, checked out Threads, and then went back to what they know in X. But as Threads continues to evolve, its algorithms improve. It’s extending its opportunity.

Ads are inevitable, and while they are still not here yet, branded content tags could be an interesting consideration for some businesses.

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