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Product Marketing

Killer Marketing Strategy For Disruptive Products

Our product marketing strategy touches every aspect of your business and product line to determine the best digital platform for our product marketing to succeed.

Our marketing services bring together competitor research and analysis to help define the right theme and tone for our product marketing approach. Our well-defined marketing strategy includes aspects such as brand positioning, messaging, product launch, product demand, and competitive/market analysis.

We look at brand positioning and messaging to determine and differentiate your brand product from competitors by creating a brand persona that engages with your audience in a personalised way.

Our Product Marketing Phases

Create achievable key performance indicators and use a detailed plan to bring stakeholders with objectives under one roof.

Build detailed audience targeting, market segmentation, and consumer purchase behaviour.

Build a strategy based on analysis into the competitive market.

Identify & establish a roadmap for campaign deployment and development.

Collecting detailed research to develop your product marketing plan.

Create an initial product launch campaign to measure impact, run Custom advisory boards and benchmark against KPIs.

Products Vs. Services Marketing

On one hand, the products are designed, built, and delivered to customers as a single item with much room for customization; Services, on the other hand, can be tweaked and customised depending on the needs or wants of the customers.

In case of products, items are delivered to the customer which is a one-off deal. In case of a service, the customer has to seek the service provider and avail an on-going offering.

A product can be bought, used by the consumer as the consumer owns the product in exchange for a price which is not the case with services. Consumers can even resell the product which is not possible with a service. The service is always connected to the business who provides it.

Services are consumed immediately and cannot be returned. Services are often considered of higher value than products and are connected to the brand. Products when sold are disconnected from the brand and are now owned by the consumer. Products have a tentative deterioration or expiration time of their own. Services don’t have an expiration period of their own however, its terms of bond may end with a particular customer.

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