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Instagram Marketing Company/Agency In Bhubaneswar, India


Are you looking for the affordable Instagram marketing company? Then you are at the right place. Digital Ratha is the leading Instagram marketing company in Bhubaneswar, India that helps you and other businesses to achieve desirable results such as boosting ROI, leads, conversions, brand awareness, etc.

We understand that many small businesses don’t have enough funds to hire an Instagram growth agency that’s why we offer quality services at an affordable price. Our primary goal is to help you and other businesses achieve their business goals.

Currently, our team working with 150+ clients from different locations and industries. Our data-driven marketing approach ensures that our clients get desirable results. We develop a proven marketing strategy that works for each and every business.

Basically, Digital Ratha is a performance-based digital marketing company that provides various marketing services among them one is Instagram marketing service.

As an Instagram Marketing Agency what we do ?

As the best Instagram marketing company, we utilize Instagram marketing features to help businesses and brands to achieve their goals such as:

  • More leads
  • Conversions
  • Increase in sales
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand visibility
  • Engagement with the target audience

Based on your business goals and customer requirements we develop compelling strategies such as; analyzing your business goals as well as competitors accordingly we create advertisement campaigns.

We utilize analytic tools to collect valuable insights such as how the audience interacts with your brand, what’s their perspective, and what they are commenting on your page. We run organic campaigns to generate leads, traffic, and engagement by utilizing various content formats such as high-quality videos, reels, and images.

Why Choose Our
Instagram Marketing Company?

Digital Ratha is the fastest-growing Instagram marketing company in Bhubaneswar, India. We work with 510+ clients and help them grow by implementing various Instagram marketing strategies.

Guaranteed Results

Digital Ratha aims to help all-size businesses achieve their goals and objectives such as more followers, generating 100000+ leads, 20% conversions, boosting ROI, and many more.

Affordable Price

Don’t have funds to hire an Instagram marketing agency? Digital Ratha provides Instagram marketing services at an affordable price range without compromising the quality so what are you waiting for connect with us right now.


It has been 5+ years, Digital Ratha helping businesses to stand out from the crowd and achieve their goals. Our clients rated us 4.9 on Google reviews because the results we deliver to them are beyond their expectations.

Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

Digital Ratha believes that each business has unique selling points based on that we develop a customized Instagram marketing strategy that works for you.

Team Professional Experienced

We have a professional team who has years of experience in the field. They will closely monitor your key performance indicators. If you have any issues our team will connect with you as soon as possible to resolve them.


We build our Instagram marketing company based on our client's trust and excellence. Our team has a proven track record of delivering results beyond our client exception. Our team strives to help you achieve your business objectives because they think your growth is our real success.

Strategies DigitalRatha as an Instagram Marketing Company Using?

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing platform where brands are using visually appealing images and engaging videos of their products and services to lure customers to take action. 

  • First, we identify your business goals and objectives. 
  • Find out who is your target audience and who actually interested in your products or services.
  • Conduct competitor research to find out who is your competitor and what strategies they are implementing.
  • Based on the data we develop a marketing strategy that is tailored to your business objectives and goals.   
  • Accordingly, we optimize your marketing campaigns to drive results. 
  • We analyze the latest data and re-optimize your ad campaign to drive maximum results. 
  • We connect with you or your team and then provide reports on a weekly basis. 

Our Instagram Marketing & Management Services?

Instagram marketing includes various services to promote your business and service.

  • Strategy Development

Our team works closely with you to understand your goals and objectives such as more sales, leads, and conversions. Accordingly, we make plans and design campaigns to drive tangible results.   

  • Content Creation

We have a content creation team who have expertise in creating engaging and eye-catching images, infographics, and videos. 

  • Account Management

Our team will handle the Instagram page. We also post content and respond to customer messages and comments.

  • Hashtag Research

Our team conducts hashtag research to find trending hashtags to increase your reach.  

  • Advertising Campaign

Crates well-optimised and compelling ad campaigns to drive results such as more sales, conversions, drive website traffic, etc.

  • Analytics and Reporting

We use advanced analytics tools to track your campaign performance such as engagement rate, reach, how many followers you gained, and how many people get converted.  

  • Social Listing

Our team monitors what your target audience is talking about on the comment section or any other platform. We suggest our clients if they need improvement in some areas.

  • E-Commerce Integration

Utilizing Instagram shopping features such as tagging and purchasing the product directly.

  • Contest and Giveaway

Running a contest or product giveaway to improve engagement and drive more traffic and increase followers.

  • Performance Optimization

Use insights to optimise your advertising campaign to drive better results. 

Benefits of Hiring an Instagram Marketing Company?

Hiring an Instagram marketing company like Digital Ratha can elevate your online presence and maximize results. We have a professional team who has years of experience and expertise in collecting valuable data such as target audience behavior, market trends, and hashtags and then utilizing it to grow your business.

1. Improve Brand Awareness

As you might be aware Instagram has a vast audience base so we conduct proper keyword research to reach a broader audience base and improve your brand awareness.

2. More Leads and Conversions

Our team understands the audience better than anyone so according to their needs and interests we optimize your post and campaign and then lure them to make purchases.

3. Professional Team

Hiring an Instagram marketing company provides you with an opportunity to work with a professional team who have expertise in creating creative and engaging content and launching effective ad campaigns.

4. Resources

As a leading Instagram marketing company, we utilize advanced analytic tools and other resources to collect insights and create engaging content.

5. Focus on Your Business

Working with us has another benefit, you can focus on your business and its growth. Leave the rest of your work to us.

6. Transparency

We believe that transparency is the key to the success of your business that’s why we make sure to provide weekly and monthly basis key performance reports so you will know what’s going on with your business.

Types of Campaigns An Instagram Marketing Agency Using

To grow your business we run various marketing campaigns. Such as :

Organic Campaign

We understand what audiences want and what they are looking for accordingly we create engaging and eye-catching images and videos for your Instagram page to engage with existing audiences and attract new audiences. 

As a leading Instagram marketing company, Our team has professional designers and video editors who can create eye-catching designs and engaging videos for your Instagram feed.  

Ad Campaign

According to your business goals, we run various campaigns. 

  • Brand awareness ad campaign

Based on your requirements we optimize your ad campaigns to reach more people and make them remember your brand. It has been years since we are helping all sizes of businesses to improve brand recall value. 

  • Lead generation ad campaign

We create compelling ad campaigns that lure customers and generate quality leads to boost your sales & ROI. We are working with different categories of businesses such as spas, education, product retailers, and many more. We generated a 20% conversion for one of our spa clients.   

  • Drive traffic ad campaign 

Based on your goal we create well-optimized ad campaigns that achieve tangible results such as driving traffic to your website or landing page or getting more calls or text messages. Recently we helped a news channel to promote and drive traffic to their WhatsApp group.  

  • Sales ad campaign

Based on your business goals we create optimized ad campaigns that lure the audience to take specific actions such as purchasing a product or taking a subscription to your service. We work with many retail businesses to sell their products and boost their ROI.  

  • Engagement ad campaign 

Based on your audience’s interests and preferences we create compelling ad campaigns that catch their attention and achieve tangible results such as more views, likes, and comments on your video or image posts. We work with many brands and help them get more likes and followers.

Why Instagram is Best for Marketing?

Instagram is a popular platform with 3.8 billion users and due to its immense popularity, we use it as a marketing tool to drive results. It provides us an opportunity to connect and engage with billions of active users through visually attractive high-quality images and videos. 

We utilize various Instagram features such as reels, stories, story highlights, and Instagram posts to engage with the audience. Each feature has immense potential to grow your business and achieve desirable results. We implement various strategies and launch ad campaigns to reach the demographic as well as the psychographic audience.    

We use Instagram insights tools to collect valuable data such as customer behavior and which strategies are most effective by utilizing this data we make your campaign more effective and drive better results. 

Our Data-Driven Marketing Approach

A data-driven marketing approach our team follows to drive maximum results. 

Before we make plans we conduct competitor research to find the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors such as what strategies they are implementing, which products or plans get failed, the reason for failure, etc. Based on the data our team develops strategies that work for your business. 

Our team analyzes your audience to find out their opinion of your company or brands. We also find out which areas need improvement for example; maybe you are not responding to audience comments and queries on time, or any other reasons.  

According to the data we collected through research we develop a strategy for your Instagram business page. We create a content calendar that includes images, infographics, and videos. This calendar is created based on audience interests and needs. 

Based on the data we optimize your ad campaign so it will be visible to the right audience who is actually interested in your product or services. 

Here’s Why You Should Use Instagram?

Around the world, 71% of businesses use Instagram to promote their brand products and services. Still, numbers are growing and it has tremendous potential for business growth. 92% of people take action after seeing an ad or other promotional content.

86% of consumers trust and purchase products when they see on Instagram. 91% of Instagram users watch reels and 50% of the users take action when they see promotional ads on Instagram stories.

As we find out Instagram has huge potential to grow your business to the next level Digital Ratha developed a data-driven marketing strategy that works for you as well as other businesses.

What is an Instagram Marketing Company?

An Instagram marketing company is a firm that uses Instagram as a marketing tool to help businesses and brands achieve their marketing goals such as more leads, visibility, engaging with the audience, more sales, etc.

We have a team who have years of experience in the field (such as running Instagram ads, content creation based on the data, influencer marketing, etc.)

Hiring the Best Instagram Marketing Company Worth It?

Yes, it is worth it because Instagram is the most popular social media platform that has 3.8 billion users and 2.35 billion people using it on a daily basis. That means you have the opportunity to reach billions and convert them. That’s where Instagram’s growth agency comes in and helps businesses to reach their targeted audience to promote products and services.

We are the best Instagram marketing company who have a better understanding of the audience, their needs, and the market trends. We utilize these insights to retain existing audiences and attract new customers to engage with them as well as lure them to take action.

We develop marketing strategies that align with your business goals and objectives and accordingly launch an effective campaign to drive results. Hiring an agency like Digital Ratha ensures your business growth.

Do You Think Instagram Marketing Has a Future?

Yes, Instagram marketing has a brighter future. Believe it or not, its users are still growing and millions of businesses are still competing with each other to stand out, if you want to grow your business and stand out among them then you need our help.

Instagram introduces various features for Instagram business pages to enhance user experience such as the contact details button, direct message button, and shop button. That makes it easier for your targeted audience to learn and discover about your products and services.

Why Instagram Marketing is Essential For Business?

In this competitive era, Instagram became an essential tool for businesses to stand out from the crowd and engage with their audience personally.

As a leading Instagram growth agency, we did a survey and find out that in India 229.6 million people use Instagram which means you have an opportunity to reach a vast audience by implementing the right marketing strategy. That’s why the majority of the brands looking for us and working with us for the long term because we always provide the result they are excepting from us.

Millions of businesses compete with each other to be in first place on this platform. If you want to be part of the race then you might need our help otherwise you can’t go ahead of them. Our Instagram marketing company helps many companies to stand out and grow their businesses.

Now Instagram offers various features such as a shopping button, contact details button, and message button. Your consumers can visit your e-commerce site and make purchase directly by clicking on the shopping button.

Unlike in the past now you can post eye-catching images of your products and add tags with the links so the audience can visit your web page to make the purchase.

We also utilize various marketing strategies to boost your sales and ROI such as sponsor marketing as well as influencer marketing. To engage with your audience and connect with them personally we also use Instagram stories and live features.

Why Instagram Marketing is an Effective Marketing Strategy

In this competitive era, Instagram marketing became an essential tool for businesses to succeed and stand out from the crowd. That’s why brands are looking for Instagram growth agencies like Digital Ratha to level up their marketing game.

Our team is well aware of the marketing trends that constantly changing accordingly consumers behavior also changing. We follow a data-driven marketing strategy where we make plans based on the insights to maximize the result and boost ROI.

Our team can handle various tasks such as launching your ad campaign, optimizing the campaign, create engaging & eye-catching images for your Instagram page so you can focus on your business growth.

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