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Google SGE & Generative Summaries For Search Result Patent

Google introduced US11769017B1 patent, its focus on AI generative summaries for search result pages. Google SGE is an AI-based tool that integrates AI generative search summaries.  

What is Patent US11769017B1? 

SGE is a process that creates summaries of search result pages by using LLMs also known as a large language model. It’s a tool that is used to understand the context and content of a web page, and then provides relevant information about what users are searching for. With this new patent, Google can answer complex queries and provide a link for more detailed information. 

How Does it Relate to Google SGE? 

By utilizing LLMs Google SGE can generate snapshots and provide accurate and detailed information with links. These snapshots are not limited to pieces of information. It is corroborated with links so users can find more relevant and detailed information.

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