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Get the Most Out of Your YouTube Viewing Shelf in Channel Display

Get the Most Out of Your YouTube Viewing Shelf in Channel Display

What is YouTube Viewing Shelf in Channel Display?

YouTube wants to help users find more relevant content when they tap through to a creator profile. With a new “For You” section based on individual interests, It is in testing now in the app.

YouTube says they are testing a way to make the channel homepage more personalized to individual viewers by adding a new “For You” section.

It will recommend a mix of different content types from that channel based on the videos they have already watched. During this experiment, creators cannot opt-out.

But, when we roll this out to everyone, creators can control whether or not the “For You” section will be shown on their channels. Its content types will also be shown.

What is the new “For You” Section on YouTube?

The new “For You” section will highlight the most personally relevant videos from a specific channel as a means to help and boost engagement.

It will encourage more interaction within the Channel profile. It could be an effective way to boost user engagement. Moreover, it will also guide users to the best videos they have yet to see.

Now those more closely aligned with their viewing history, instead of leaving them to sort through the entire channel history themselves.

It is unlikely to have a huge impact, but showing users the most relevant matches upfront will help guide them into the channel’s content. It could also lead to more subscriptions, more engagement.

On another front, YouTube is also testing new tweaks to the channel layout. It means that YouTube is starting to test changes to creator channel pages where tabs like “Playlists” won’t be shown in cases where those tabs have no content.

They are also testing improved access to the information from the “About” and “Channels” tabs by updating the look and feel of the channel page. They are testing this with a limited number of viewers to start.

The updates are part of YouTube’s ongoing effort to maximize audience retention. It will help creators to grow their presence in the app.

These are lesser elements within the broader scope of audience building. But, they could impact getting more visitors to dig deeper into your content offerings.

You can read more about YouTube’s latest updates here.

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